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When I created “Miracle” it was, for the most part, a totally unknown as to what its potential was. It was like an uncut diamond. Within weeks we determined that from the physical and emotional benefits to a human being, it held promise. It was from those observations and results that Suanne and I decided to open Plasma Balancing Systems and start to cut and polish the first facet of this diamond.

We have seen changes with clients physical and emotional states change from improved to totally resolved. Different conditions that range from cancer, dementia, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, neuropathy, pain, RLS, and varicose veins, to name a few.

We thank you for sharing your experiences and observations. We have met some amazing and gifted individuals from all over the world being drawn to our technology. We appreciate their knowledge and sharing their insights with us.

God Speed on all your journeys! Wayne, Suanne and of course, Miracle