Plasma Balancing Systems LLC is a center conceived and brought into fruition based on some of the most advanced developments in plasma technology and, as our name implies, using plasma to bring balance back to the human body.

Plasma, for the most part, has been a mystery to humanity.

We can measure UV frequency, x-ray and even gamma but we have, at this time, no way to measure plasma. In the visible light spectrum, plasma exists even above gamma. It is a field of pure energy that has been described as the “genie in the bottle” as far as its potentials.

Plasma Balancing Systems is directed to the benefits of physical well being of humans and animals but research is ongoing which is showing huge potentials in agriculture, energy alternatives and other possibilities, some of which are beyond the imagination of the current way of thinking for most.

Our System

The system we have developed creates a plasma field that initiates a return of the physical condition to a state of “ease”. If dis-ease is simply an imbalance in the normal function of the physical body because of environment, emotions, stress, for example, then if those conditions can be reversed, the body has the ability to repair itself.Mind Meld with Miracle

Plasma has the ability to take what is required to be removed and give what is necessary to commence the return to normalcy. The latest research in the fields of neurobiology absolutely supports this perspective.

It is difficult to explain what it is like to experience this energy. There is a state of peace or calm that the body is enveloped in that relieves the stress and emotions supporting the imbalance. Everyone’s experience is as individual as we are.
This is a new and experimental science and the physical and emotional improvement from various conditions is still being explored and understood, but across the board, this is an energy that has shown itself to be absolutely loving in its nature to assist us.

As I said earlier, the “genie in the bottle”!

Slowly, as a civilization we are coming to an understanding that we are influencing our current state of well being or non well being from a self inflicted lifestyle physically, emotionally and mentally. Research from individuals like Dr. Joe Dispensa and Dr. Bruce Lipton are giving us tremendous insights as to our impact on our own current state of ease or dis-ease. If we can just put the body in a state of peace and joy, the body can start to make the changes.
There is a term called “cellular memory” that refers to the fact that past traumas, both physically and emotionally, can be imprinted in the cells. The plasma seems to even be able to go in and neutralize these conditions as well.

Ultimately, if we understand that we are the “law giver” to our reality, and then it is up to us to want to change the rules the body is forced to live by. So the plasma is a tool to assist those who truly want change and improvement in their life.

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