The Reveal

It is our understanding that the events of life’s journey can impact the state of ease or dis-ease in the body. In my earlier investigation into what the large plasma unit — we named it “Miracle” — was capable of accomplishing, I asked two separate individuals I knew if they were interested to see how Miracle could help with their particular conditions.

One lady had physical issues and the other had quite severe emotional issues that were hugely expanded because of menopause. Both were happy to engage the unknown. One observation that has been sobering to me is how many individuals are desperate to find a resolve to their situation because no previous treatments of any type have improved their quality of life. Miracle offers a potential that gives them hope and that alone is a beautiful thing to observe.

After each of these ladies had experienced about four sessions in Miracle, there was a common phenomenon that came back from both individuals and the word they used was REVEAL.

They said that the issue that was latent and the root cause of their conditions was brought up and laid clearly in front of their awareness to make it possible for them to observe.

A Personal Story

One personal story for me came many years ago when I met a fellow named Michael Strand. Michael had been born dead and was brought back to life. That beginning experience he had at birth caused part of his brain to open up and allowed him to have abilities that some of us long to possess. He could see and know different aspects about an individual, which were beyond the capacity for most to know. Michael also did hypnosis and one day he asked me if I wanted to go under hypnosis. “Of course,” I said. “Yes.” I was always willing to explore the unfamiliar. Michael regressed me back to a time in my childhood I did not recall or the impact it had on me as a seven-year-old farm kid. We milked about six cows back then and it was my responsibility to take my Shetland pony, Purky, every afternoon and bring the cows back from an adjoining pasture at milking time. On this particular Saturday we went with the neighbors for an outing and I got back home later than the routine time for milking. Arriving home late was beyond my control, but milking time was milking time and I got a verbal thrashing regardless. That reprimand as a little boy, when I had really done nothing wrong within my control, left an emotional scar that when it was revisited under hypnosis caused me to weep in the chair. The emotion of that experience was being remembered and released. How simple it is to recognize that the past can cause present emotional and physical effects!

A movie that is based on a true story I suggest for people to watch is “THE THREE FACES OF EVE.” It is an extraordinary example of how a seemingly little event for an adult has devastating effects on a child. And how, once revisited and released, alters the future of that individual.

If the plasma field with its rebalancing capability has the additional ability to reveal the heart of the issue to the user, then that is a big bonus.
It is not always easy to look at and address those issues in us but is necessary if permanent change and improvement are to be initiated into one’s life.

Recently, there was a conversation at the center with a lady that had been in Miracle about three times. She had some health issues that had been persistent in her life and was after change. Her statement on her most recent visit was, “I have not experienced anything major yet from the sessions but I have been really bitchy lately.” There were all these past issues slapping her in the face, together with the emotions that accompanied them.

When the word REVEAL was mentioned to this lady and her jaw dropped. She did not realize that the past was being brought up for her to observe. She was too much in the middle of the emotional chaos. Now she could look at the experience from a whole new and necessary perspective.

I have always been fascinated how synchronicity can assist us in our life’s direction but we have to learn to pay attention.
Wayne Wangler
One other experience in my life that has relevance to this topic started about 8 years ago. All of a sudden one day I turned my neck and, in about three minutes, I was in such a severe state of vertigo that I was on all fours on the ground and vomiting severely. A trip to the chiropractor showed that my occiput and atlas, at the base of the skull, were out. He corrected it but the condition would repeat itself routinely. One little improper twist or turn, and there I was again on all fours and wasting a good meal. I couldn’t see the attitude that was supporting the condition. There always is one! That is why it reoccurs.

I kept asking for understanding to come of the cause of the condition. One day a neighbor came over. It was not like him to just show up at the door. He said, “I have a book for you to read if you like.” Ok, fine. “Thanks,” I said, and it laid on the coffee table for three weeks. But my attention kept going over to the book. Life was busy and had no time for reading but my attention would just keep glancing over at it. So finally I said, “All right, all right, I get it. I will read it.”

I have always been fascinated how synchronicity can assist us in our life’s direction but we have to learn to pay attention. “There are no accidents” is one of my sayings. The title of the book was “KUNDALINI RISING.” About two thirds of the way through, it explained that as the kundalini rises back up the spine as we get older, it could hit a block at the base of the skull. I had been having these energy rushes up the spine for quite some time in my life that it became quite a natural occurrence for me.

The answer to my condition laid in the explanation of why the blockage could occur. One of the causes was self-negation. That was me to a tee. One big issue in my life to deal with was responsibility. I would give up my life to help, protect, assist every human on earth if I could, and that sacrifice was the cause. So I changed my life in that moment and the issue went away. My common saying now is: “I will serve myself first and foremost.”

It is not splendid to look at a difficult past but necessary if we want a resolve from what ails us and if Miracle and plasma can assist, then we have to say, “Bring it on.”

The other possibility we are starting to notice is that a past event may just wash itself away as long as the focus is on the future and not on the past. One lady had a telepathic message one day while in Miracle. I am loosely paraphrasing the words but it said something like this: “Don’t worry about your present condition you are dealing with. Focus on the future and it will all be resolved.”

It is quite amazing to me how most people really have no understanding that their present state of health is not just a random coincidence. Every day we impact that state by our current state of mind and the choices we make, which so often become a repetition because of past experiences. There are others who do not want to take responsibility and admit they are creating their current situation. Like a hamster running on its wheel, we just perpetuate the same old same old.

Nothing can ever substantially change until we can look at ourselves from an objective rather that a subjective perspective. The REVEAL comes from that observer perspective and it is up to us to be brave enough to look at these events, accept them as part of our evolution, and dream a future greater than our past. The future, resolution, and healing are always waiting for us. It is just which door we choose to walk to and step through.


Wayne Wangler

What will be revealed to you?