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When I created “Miracle” it was, for the most part, a totally unknown as to what its potential was. It was like an uncut diamond. Within weeks we determined that from the physical and emotional benefits to a human being, it held promise. It was from those observations and results that Suanne and I decided to open Plasma Balancing Systems and start to cut and polish the first facet of this diamond.

We have seen changes with clients physical and emotional states change from improved to totally resolved. Different conditions that range from cancer, dementia, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, neuropathy, pain, RLS, and varicose veins, to name a few.

We thank you for sharing your experiences and observations. We have met some amazing and gifted individuals from all over the world being drawn to our technology. We appreciate their knowledge and sharing their insights with us.

So, for the last two years there have been two aspects to PBS. What has been going on in the office and what has been going on behind the scenes?

Now a bit of the “behind the scenes” that has been unfolding. (Not all, just a bit.)

It didn’t take but a few months to start to observe some rather unique conditions taking place, first with our plants and then with me. In about April of 2017 we had my telomeres tested and it confirmed our observations. My results showed that my biological age was 18 years younger than my chronological age. There was a compression of time; hence aging was being affected with anything in this field. A big unexpected bonus!

So much was shared with us from "beyond the veil” of extraordinary value.

A regular client of ours who was a very psychic and gifted individual had this amazing experience. When in Miracle this entity was able to communicate with a greater intelligence as well as non-physical beings. This was not the first time it had happened but the ability was greatly expanded.  We came to understand that Miracle was acting like an antenna or an amplifier. It was important tools for us because we were able to use this interaction to greater understand what potential Miracle has. THEY said that the continued use of this field would start to unite the neocortex, midbrain and lower cerebellum. I am starting to see that happen. Knowingness, downloads of information and answers to questions are coming more routinely.

Some of the beings we have interacted with have been so amazing and valuable.

This has included entities like Nicola Tesla. It has been suggested that I develop this skill for myself to allow me to directly communicate with them. To date five individuals have been able to communicate with Miracle.

Yes, we realized there is a consciousness involved with all of this. Suanne calls it the LOVE FIELD. I know that will make some roll their eyes! Because Miracle was acting as an amplifier, we were so diligent to make people understand their part in it all from the Observer perspective. Something that is rarely being addressed in the existing world of health alternatives.

God Speed on all your journeys! Wayne, Suanne and of course, Miracle