I’m writing to update you regarding my Gifted session with MIRACLE.

As I mentioned in your office afterwards, I found the experience to be kind, soft, pleasurable. However, you and I both understood ’the other shoe’ was about to drop — you because you knew the “experience” would continue for several days, and I because I’m aware enough to know that ‘the totality of my being’ tends to process ‘energy’ slowly and in waves.

Once I left your office, the “I’m in a bubble” effect continued. Originally, I had plans to continue my day out and about. Instead, I went back to Sandra’s to rest and reflect. I began
From that moment — I began experiencing an elevation in connection and frequency with friends (seen and unseen) plus a heightened state of clarity. Miracle supported subtle breakthroughs — while bringing about a pristine state of joy.

Very few, if any, dimensional technologies have ever drawn me in. You and Miracle did — and I am honored to have experienced this special and unique “presence.”

My experience was profound enough, that I began to question whether or not I should re-locate back to Thurston County to work more regularly with you and MIRACLE — until I realized: I am already connected to this “TIME/SPACE/CONSCIOUSNESS”. (smile)

My primary focus is planetary super consciousness breakthrough — and am devoted to this intent in all forms. I perceive I have made a “brotherly” connection with you and your work — and I am honored knowing you and having been given the grace of “connection.”

I am now back home in Eastern Washington — continuing my work.

Thank you for the connected—experience. I am both blessed and expanded.

Warmest Regards,


Varicose Veins Reduced by Half

As soon as I walked into the door, I could feel a gentle hum, it was at the same time gentle and strong.
When I got into the machine, the hum got much more intense. During the session I could feel a tingling sensation on my legs for the first part and seeing images flash during the later part.
Getting out of the machine, I felt very light and calm. On my walk home, I felt so light that I didn’t understand why I was still on the ground, I felt like I should have been a foot or two off the ground.
By the time I got home, we had company there and one of them looked at me and ask why I looked ten years younger. I explained and had a look at my legs, which were covered in varicose veins, to my surprise they had gone down by at least half.
The next day, I had a conversation with my mom on FaceTime and the first thing she asked was why I looked like I did in my late teens and again I explained. Had another look at my legs and the varicose veins and gone down still, and have stayed there.

P. H.

Herky and Me.

Thank you so much for the help you have given to Herky and me. He has
not just been helped physically but emotionally too. The miracle machine has given him his confidence back. He has been in horrible pain from an injury. Now there seems to be no sign of it. He is smiling with his eyes again making me laugh his old devilment is returning and no more pain pills! He was taking muscle relaxants, pills for nerve pain, pills for swelling, shots for intractable pain. He is healing nicely now without any of these.
Thanks again! LP

LP and Herky The 100 lb Dog

Overcoming Injuries to Better Body Alignment and Resilience

Ever since my first experience having a live session with ‘Miracle’, I have felt a lasting sense of inner peace. Another significance to my experience has to do with my body, having become much more resilient than before. For example, over a year ago prior to this experience, I had to overcome injuries of internal bleeding, multiple fractures in a leg, ribs, and pelvis in the sacral area, due to a pedestrian/vehicle collision. Before my 1st use of ‘Miracle’, my injured leg had been somewhat misaligned and appeared to drag some while walking, plus my torso and balance was more challenged as I made efforts to enhance my balance. My body alignment was somewhat messed up while walking, to the point I didn’t feel safe going anywhere without trekking poles, which was much better for the body than a walker. Immediately after my session, I noticed a shift in how I naturally my torso felt stable enough that I no longer was requiring to have walking aides for balance and stability, and I felt safer walking stairs thereafter. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


What an amazing experience!

I’m always filled with great thoughts and visions for the future now. Some of them ‘I put on a shelf’ – those I thought are not yet relevant. During the second session on Wayne’s PBS I remembered some of them. What an amazing experience! As if a re-downloaded concepts overwritten long time ago. Thanks to the PBS I am owning them again! I’ve been able to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Guether Warnke (USA)

Improving Health

After Spending consistent time in Miracle I can honestly say my health has improved. I can now spend a longer time exercising, gardening and walking. I am also happier. Thank you Plasma Balancing Systems!